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New Lawn

My lawn is a total mess with no grass and all weeds. Based on what I read September is great time to seed. I live in Northern New Jersey. Spoke with one landscape contractor, he wants to do the following : Use a harley rake over the lawn to remove weeds, lay top soil for grading where needed, fertilize and seed(recommends Kentucky Blue Grass). Meeting with other contractors early next week for estimates and proposal. My thought was to spray weed killer, wait two weeks then u can fertilize and seed.

Any thoughts on the right approach ?


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Re: New Lawn

Hi. Sorry your post got missed. Lawn questions are the least likely to draw good responses around here, since many of us are a lot more in to flowers, veggies, herbs.

I side with your contractor. Why lay down a bunch of poison if you don't have to? And you will need to replenish your soil somehow, either by adding new topsoil as the contractor suggests or tilling in manure/ compost, etc.
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Re: New Lawn

DITTO RBG. Compare your quotes and choose the best bang for your buck. Not necessarily the least expensive but the one that offers you the most and has a warranty.

Good luck

BTW - be prepared to give your newly seeded lawn daily attention for at least 30 days.
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