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I found a small rock rising out of my yard/garden.

I found an unusual rock in my Connecticut garden recently. I was clearing out some weeds and found a little red rock that was a bit pointy, glossy, and chiseled. This rock was about 4 inches wide and about 2 inches in length. It was deeply wedged between the weeds and my flower garden. When I pulled the rock out of the peat moss it felt rough yet it crumbled a bit and a tiny bit fell back into the soil. When I pulled the rock out of the ground It looked like a piece of small crooked clay shooting up from the soil. Does anyone else find similar? The rock is a lovely treasure I am keeping.

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Re: I found a small rock rising out of my yard/garden.

Hi GardenGurl, Thanks for telling us of your find. This, Red Stone is very special and by lifting it you've exposed a place on enchantment. Good things, warm feelings and reasons to smile well up from where if was found.
Yes, many of us fine such things, sometimes we set them back in the spot we found them or we might carry them to home and sit them where we can look at them.
Congratulations on your treasure.

Have fun in your garden this season with the best growing you've had in years.


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