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What is this Plant/Weed Invading my Lawn?

HI, I joined here because I need HELP asap!!
I have been in my home for 30 years, never had an issue with my lawn, now some type of aggressive invasive something (which I need help identifying) has started to take over my entire lawn, don't know what it is, where it came from or how it got in my lawn. any advice as to what it is and how to treat please let me know, thanks!! see pics
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Re: Help with Lawn

Hand pulling them at this stage is still the best option. Second best, post emergent weed killer. Do a test area first and read the label to make sure your it is safe for your grass.

Try to identify the weed first, if it is something that will regrow from the root, mowing it down is not an option as the roots will only get stronger.
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Re: What is this Plant/Weed Invading my Lawn?

Are there trees nearby? Do you have cottonwood trees in the neighborhood? Cottonwood trees drift cottony seeds in the air. Not sure if that's what it is, just pointing out that if you do have those trees in the neighborhood, or others, to check out if there's a similarity in plants growing near them.

If you've lived there for thirty years and now this has sprung up, then logically something has changed. Something has brought it there, wind, birds, or within soil imported to your yard. Possibly something growing in the neighborhood reached maturity and dropped its seeds in your yard. Take a walk around and see if you can identify anything similar to it. Then please let us know! :)

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Re: What is this Plant/Weed Invading my Lawn?

check with the local county extension, they usually come out for free to help you identify the problem. I would
send a soil sample in, could be lacking nutrients that are attracting the weed and might eventually choke out the grass

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