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Winter Lawn Care/Deweeding?

Heya everyone,

We have had a weed problem that we have been fighting for some years. (Can't afford to spend alot of money on killers.) Would it help to pull out the weeds this time of the year when it's cold?

Thanks in advance, :?

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One can help eliminate weeds in their yard by finding out which type of weed/weeds it is. Where is it's growing habitats in any particular area. Does it like acidic soil? If so sweeten it up with lime. Weeds can tell you about your soil and many weeds thrive only on soil that is low in some minerals or has an excess of others. Building up a soil organically and providing a well balanced mineral fertilization is one of the best ways to rid a weed problem. Declining soil fertility is one cause of weed growth. A good soil tester will work or for best results take in different samples from those troubled areas to an extension office. One can not rid of weeds by cultivating and turning up ground. There are weeds that stay dormant under ground for over 20 years.

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