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Reseeding in October in IL - What to expect?

This is my first year as homeowner and thus I am a novice when it comes to gardening and lawn care.

My lawn had several dead grass areas and I did read in many places how late fall is the best time for reseeding. So 1 week ago I raked these areas, added some top soil and planted seeds. I watered for few days, then the rain helped me keeping the soil moist.

The weather has been 50-60 degrees during the day and 35-45 at night. It is supposed to be like this also in the next 10 days.

So far nothing has germinated.

What should I expect? Will the seeds germinate? Or will they stay dormient and germinate in the spring? Or I messed up the timing and they will simply die?


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Re: Reseeding in October in IL - What to expect?

I expect that if the seed you planted was viable, it should at least be sprouting about now.

Confirmation of sprouting will require you to spend a while on your hands and knees. Look for a grass seed, and the root erupting from the seed. it may even have a teeni-weeni blade of grass also growing.

If your lazy like me, sit on the porch with a coffee (or beer) of your choice and watch your grass grow at a distance.

My very limited claim to special insight on this topic is, birth in Elmhurst long enough ago to be deniable.

I think you done it right... ;)

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