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Killed a Patch of Lawn - What Can I do to Fix it?

Hi I'm new but I just needed some advice! We got a new lawn about 4 weeks ago and I was cleaning my bin out over the weekend and was using some antibac spray to do so! I washed it out and then tipped the water down the drain I then turned the bin upside down on the grass to get the rest of stuff out and now there is a circle of dead grass on the lawn! I think I have killed that patch of grass what can I do? Thanks in advance

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Water it well for a few days to try to dilute whatever residue is still there in the soil. If the rest of your lawn is doing well, it should take over the dead spot in a couple months----if you live where your grass grows in the early fall. If you live up north and get cold temperatures, I'd suggest taking a few plugs from several areas of the established lawn and planting them in the dead/dying area and water them in well till the roots take hold.

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I've done that sometimes by leaving a pot or garbage can on the grass for a few days. The top dies but a lot of times if it has only been a short time the roots are still alive and will come back again. You will have to prevent the weeds from invading the spot though.

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