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How do I revive a (nearly) dead lawn?

My fiancee and I just moved into a new house where the lawn is practically dead. I am hoping that a lot of water will revive it, and it kind of seems like it is. Here are some pictures of the lawn. Most of the lawn is brown/yellow, with patches of green. We have a simple revolving sprinkler.

I am watering every day, sometimes twice, hoping to bring it back. When we first moved in, we sprayed Eliminator to kill most of the weeds, and we are planning on planting some grass seeds to try and bring it back even more, and more lush.

Any tips? Should we just redo the lawn? I will have some pictures up soon!

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My lawn does a die thing every july. The hot weather just does not treat it nice. I have learned with my lawn to just keep watering and it does come back and looks great by September. I would try the heavy watering first before starting over. Hopefully the lawn has not been without water for many years. If so, it may be done for. Good Luck!!! :) :)

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It would help to know where you are and what the weather has been like lately.

As greenhouse said, grass tends to go dormant in hot, dry weather. If that is the only problem, it will come back on its own once temps moderate and rains come back.

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When I casually searched for Elimnator, google suggestions were mostly for "Eliminator Weed and Grass Killer" Also, search results mostly showed concentrates. Is this what you used?

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