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How can I get a full lawn again?

Hi everyone...first time on this site and I'm optimistic to being able to get some knowledgeable help here! :)

Anywho, about 10 years ago, my neighborhood upgraded the storm drain system that they had. The roads were always flooding really bad when it rained so they finally decided to do something about it and upgrade the system.

The good side is that it very rarely floods anymore. The bad side, was that they had some big heavy concrete objects along with a backhoe and an excavator parked on our front lawn. They dropped diesel, hydraulic fluid, and other lubricans on our grass aside from tearing it all up just from the machines.

My parents never did anything about it and honestly I can't remember even having a healthy lawn.

I've been itching lately to get it fixed up and eventually relandscape the front of our house but I think the first thing that needs attention is the grass situation.

I'm attaching a couple of photos of the lawn in its current state, as well as a close up of a little patch of grass I ripped out in case anyone can identify the type of grass it is.

I've never had a green thumb, I don't know much about landscaping or lawn care so I'm not sure if this will require laying down all new sod, or if we can toss some seed around or fertilizer (like Scotts type stuff).

I see plenty of homes and areas in my neighborhood that both A) have a fair amount of shade from the oak trees (or whatever kind of trees these are) as well as B) having roots going through the yard and it doesn't affect the grass itself. So based on that, I'm blaming it on the heavy machinery that was on my lawn way back when.

If anyone can help me out with my specific situation, I would greatly appreciate it.

Oh and FWIW, I'm down in Miami.

Thanks again!

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from the pix, the sprig of green could be a crabgrass or one of the rhizome types - St Austine / Zoysia / etc.

from the big pix, I'd say you've got your choice because there's not really much there to save or improve on.

RoundUp to kill everything; wait couple weeks; prep soil & regrade as needed; (irrigation system?); seed or sod.

I'd recommend you do get a local expert opinion on what kind of green sprigs you have there - because putting down a nice putting green grass over St Augustine not going to work out well in the end. those kinds of tough grasses are all but impossible to get rid of / kill off - they will come back and take over.

this being May and heat on the way - you should also consider putting off this project until cooler weather - seed will take a lot of TLC to sprout & get going in FL in June/July; sod will require a lot of watering.

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