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Did I just kill my lawn?

I've been dealing with a number of lawn issues since I bought my house in November. I've finally got it looking good, however last week I noticed I had what I thought was crabgrass. The vendor at Home Depot told me we don't get crabgrass here (Seattle), it's actually Poa Anna and suggested I use Ortho's Nutsedge killer on it, which is supposed to be safe on fescus and ryegrass.. I bought the one that hooks to the hose and applied it as per the instructions. It's been a week, and the section of lawn that I sprayed now looks brown. I'm afraid I killed my lawn with this product.

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Re: Did I just kill my lawn?

It is not supposed to kill the regular grass per the manufacturer's label. :wink:

Some of the reviews on the product indicate great results with no other grass kill but other indicated it killed their entire lawn.

When we had nutgrass in our lawn we treated it with the killer but only where the nutgrass was which fortunately was not throughout the entire lawn. It did make the spot treated brown and die.

The other recommended treatment is to pull it out but that's not practical if you have a lot of it. :roll:

Sorry I can't tell you more specifically. Good luck!

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