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Re: Low Cost Landscaping Ideas Needed!

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:01 pm
by divedaddy03
cynthia_h wrote:Actually, I found that re-starting (in 2008, after all three of my part-time jobs fell out from under me) as an organic gardener on a zero budget was easier than it would've been as a conventional gardener:

1) materials for building raised beds -- free from
2) materials to fill raised beds -- mostly free, some had to be paid for (peat, some of the vermiculite)
3) compost -- most of it mine; since I hadn't emptied it for a long time, the BioStack was pretty full! and refilling it comes from the kitchen and cereal boxes, shredded newspaper, scrounged leaves, etc.--also free :)
4) seeds -- used old seeds but gradually filled in with new ones. Fortunately, seeds for food plants are exempt from sales tax in California.

All told, DH and I got the first four boxes built, filled, and planted for less than $50.

Now, our only recurring expense is the plant starts, since we just don't get it together to start seeds on a regular basis. Too much else going on (esp. work at his mother's place, just keeping her house going...).

Cynthia H.
Sunset Zone 17, USDA Zone 9

You are exactely right! Most everything that I've picked up have been from freecycle and craigslist all for free. Every now and then I need something that I have to get from Lowes or for the purpose of being easily replicated I chose to get it there so others can duplicate the project but for the most part, it's super easy.

There's alot of waste in this world and I'm proud to say that I take part in reducing that dramatically! Repurposed wood can look aesthetically very pleasing, most people don't crasp that one. :)

Thanks for reading,

Wayne, SC