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Palmetto Turf and other grasses


I just built a new house and recently purchased Palmetto Buffalow
Grass. The grass has been down for about 6months now, however,
I have just started seeing huge amounts of another type of wild grass starting to grow in the buffalow grass.

I have no idea what type of grass this other grass is, it looks like a couche type of grass. The trouble is, its impossible to pull out!!! it's so inter-linked with the buffalow grass I would have to pull both grasses out.

I live in Brisbane, Australia. Does anyone know of any type of product that can kill 'other' third party grasses without killing the buffalow grass?

I am going to spray for weeds this week but I really don't think that will solve the problem because its a grass not a weed.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi and welcome to the Forum! A picture of your lawn situation would help. Instructions for posting pictures here are in New to Helpful Gardener? under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members.

But no, I don't think there is any poison you could spray that would kill your weed grass and not your buffalo grass. Grasses are all too similar. Anything that will kill one of them, will kill all of them.
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