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Lawn Care / Seeding Questions

I have a fairly new lawn. My house was finished last July. The builders seeded my back yard and sodded my front. They used Kentucky 31 seed. After moving in the seed in the back yard had only been watered from the rain and I was unsure how long it had been there. So I waited till fall of 2011, aerated and reseeded. I got fair results. The ground is mostly clay and very hard. Also I had to pull up all the netting they used when they layed their seed down. (A tremendous pain). This recent drought here in TN has been hurting my lawn. I am trying to get a plan for what I need to do this fall.

I have recently been told to reseed a single blade grass see. That will allow it to overtake my current tri blend seed. I am wanting to get a thick lush yard. Now I am currently watering my yard daily in the early AM. I am wanting any recommendations on a really good single blend grass seed.

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I would stick with a blend that has some bluegrass in it (5-20%) as this variety spreads laterally, also include turf type tall fescue with some perennial rye grass.

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