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Low maintenance lawn

Looking for a grass/blend that can stay green in full sun in Charlotte, NC without watering. I currently have fescue (from perivious owner) that turns brown in June-August if we go more than about a week without rain. It also tends to gets bare spots in between tufts. I don't want bermuda because thats just as bad (brown Dec. - Feb.) and doesn't respect boundaries.

Climate seems like it would be good for growing grass - dryest month is is April w/ 3.0 inches of rain, wettest is August with 4.2 inches. Average July high is 90 with the occasional week to 100.

Any suggestions?

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Small lawns can be appropriate for some situations, but I definitely wouldn't consider St. Augustine to be a drought-resistant low-maintenance option. It works best in part sun to full shade in subtropical to tropical areas that get regular water. Also, bermuda can be more drought tolerant, but, as any southern gardener will tell you, it's aggressively invasive and needs regular mowing to look good.

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