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New lawn trouble - NEED HELP!

I live in Wisconsin and I have a problem with my lawn. Let me start at the beginning. My lawn in my back yard has never really grown in since my home was built. It was always patchy at best. I also had an issue where water would pool in the middle of it as well. Last summer, I brought in 20 yards topsoil to level it out. After I got it sloped and smoothed out, I rolled it with a pull behind roller. I chose a nice Midwest seed mix and sowed it out as the directions stated. The lawn came in nicely but it is a bit thin/patchy. What can I do to get a nice thick yard?
This is a look at the whole section in question.
Not all is this thin. I just want to show my issues.
The rest of this new section is thin like this.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Blackthumb

I would:

1) Get a soil test and look an the soil PH and adjust as needed
2) continue on a fertilization program
3) In the fall, rent a slice seeder and slice seed very thin areas, if the whole lawn is not that thin, say less than 1/2 inch spaces, then you can core aerate (2 directions) spread grass seed over the entire area and water, water, water.

Hope this helps.

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