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Fertilizer question

So I got my soil results back and on it lists fertilizer needs. I'm confused though because it seems like the needs they list don't correspond with my levels.

Here are my levels.

pH 6.7
Phos 52ppm
Potassium 101 ppm

Some of the fertilizers they recommend are

Does that seem right?
I live in south central pa and I believe the grass is fescue.

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fertilizer question

Hello jwimsett. Ken here in the Chicago area. Welcome to the forum.
Seeing the 31-0-0 in their recommendation says to me that there is plenty
of phosphorous and potassium in your soil. The wouldn’t list a fertilizer that
was void of phosphorous and potassium if you needed those nutrients. You
could call the company that did the soil sample analysis and ask them what are
the normal ranges for P and K. I hope this helps. Take care.
Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area

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