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Aerating, seeding, and fertilizing

Last year I started working on improving my front lawn. I put in some landscaping elements in some of the shaded areas and started the recommended fertilizing and weed spraying routine. By the end of the growing year, you could really tell the difference.

Now that it has been warm for a bit, I want to start working on it already, but have some questions, mainly about Aerating and seeding. I have some mulched leaves within the grass lawn, should I rake that out at all before I aerate and/or seed? And what order should I do it in? I'm assuming I should aerate and then seed my bare spots and follow up with fertilizer a few days later. What does everyone else recommend?

It has rained the last 2 days, and is forecast to be nice the next 3+, so I think Friday may be a good day to aerate, soil will be soft but not too wet.

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yes in that order clean up the leaves than areate put down a good soil mixture in the bigger spots then overseed then fertilize then water as needed.

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