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My lawn is weeds. Help me turn it around!

Greetings all,

It's spring time in Colorado and I want to solve my lawn issue.

For years the sprinkler system gave us problems and we couldn't make it a whole summer without a crack forming in the line and out sprinkler system going offline - leading to a yard fill of weeds that grow great with little water.

Now we fixed the system last year hopefully for good, and I want to do whatever I can to get rid of these weeds and have a nice lawn. So I am looking for recommendations on how to do this.

I am planning to do a test on small patch to see what results I can get before I make a huge mess.

We are thinking to spray some sort of kill-everything spray (again recommendations would be nice), rototill the hard dirt, and sprinkle seed. I am definitely a noobie so looking for guidance.

Thanks much!

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The best way would be to call a professional.

If you really want to do this yourself then you will need a sprayer of some sort and a spreader. Figure out your square footage of your lawn. You can pick up broadleaf spray at John Deere Landscapes. I like Momentum FX, but Three Way works ok to. Carpet spray your lawn according to the directions on the bottle of spray. Wait a few weeks for the weeds to die off. Buy some grass seed of good quality. Department store grass seed is expensive and weedy. John Deere Landscapes has grass seed or a local hardware store may have a contractor mix. Also want some starter fertilizer. Spread the seed and then the fertilizer. Water regularly.

Take some soil samples in the fall into an extension office or university lab for testing. That will tell you how much lime you would need to apply in the fall. Apply more broadleaf spray if needed in fall and also another round of fertilizer.

Should have good results quickly and a really nice lawn after a couple years.

If you want to kill everything and rototill, then Roundup concentrate mixed in a sprayer with water and spray to kill everything. Rototill and then seed and fertilize. Cover with straw and water daily.

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you can try using a broad leaf herbicide like ortho weed b gone apply with a sprayer that hooks up to your garden hose apply acording to the directions spray entire lawn wait abbout 2 or 3weeks than simply overseed entire lawn than appy a starter fertilizer than water as needed this is the most inexpensive way to go you could also try areating or power rakeing the entire lawn before spreading the seed and fertilizer hope this helps.

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Yep.. Aeration helps a ton when overseeding.

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