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Getting Rid Bermuda Grass

My lawn is a hodge-podge of various different types of grass seeded through the years. All of them look and feel great and require minimal attention (other than cutting). The exception is the Bermuda grass which turns nasty brown and has a rough feel after the first frost. It also creeps over retaining walls and into flower beds during the summer months.

Is there an easy way to kill the Bermuda grass without killing everything else?

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Please see [url=]my story of success[/url] in ridding a former lawn of Bermuda grass. The Bermuda grass stayed "gone" for 10 to 12 years. (I'm not sure of how long b/c I can't remember the precise year that I eliminated the Bermuda grass.)

No chemicals, no rototiller, no worms were killed, no rose bushes, etc.

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