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Lawn Renovation Concerns...

Hi everyone! It is day 10 and my tall fescue is coming up on my front bank which is quite exciting however...there are still many spots that do not have grass growing or its quite thin. In this situation should I buy more seed and throw some seed on top and cover these areas with a thin layer of topsoil? Or do you think that the tall fescue will spread as it grows to fill in an area even if the seedlings are growing quite thin?

The entire seedbed is pretty compressed from the rain and daily watering...I wouldn't have to rake up these areas again would I? As long as the seeds are touching the bare soil and are making good contact shouldn't I be ok?

Last thought on my mind :) How much will 1 seed of tall fescuce spread across as it matures? Will 1 little seed grow into a substantial clump?

I appreciate anyone's thoughts on my own concerns!

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