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Yellow Grass ????

The day after I last mowed my lawn, a small patch, approx 3 feet x 1 ft has developed where the end of the blades have grass have turned yellow or a yellowy brown colour.

The lawn was not in the greatest of conditions but I have cared for it over the summer & got a nice spread of lush green grass, where previously there were bare patches, dead grass & weeds. Whilst eliminating these it's ironic that where I have the patch of yellowy grass, this was previously a problem patch, so therefore not sure if related.

Last cut was in evening, just top grassing it, I didn't feed or water it after but it did rain overnight, no previous problems have occurred.

Does anyone have any idea what this maybe & could it spread to other areas, especially those that were problematic :o

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Two things to try:

1. Water the day/night before you cut it, so the grass blades retain as much moisture after the cut, presumably the tips won't brown.

2. sharpen your mower blade, you could be getting uneven cuts.

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If you are mowing in the summer, especially if it is very hot there are a few keys things you can try.

1) Aerate the lawn first...make sure if you are watering it is getting deep into the soil to promote solid root growth. Use a hollow tine aerator or [url=]lawn aerator shoes[/url] for small lawns or buy/rent a drum aerator or powered aerator for any sizable lawn.

2) Water well the day before as the previous poster said. Combined with the aeration your soil will be nicely soaked and the blades of grass fully turgid from the water influx.

3) Set the mower to the right height. Aim to only cut the top third of the blade to avoid too much shock and water loss and combined with the previous two techniques should help. Using a mulching mower on a freshly aerated lawn can also help return some of the nutrients back to the soil as well which cuts down on the use of feed.

Good luck. Jack

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This can be the result of two things,

1) Uneven blade of the mover
2) Bad earth below the lawn

this should be taken care of asap, as it can spread to other parts of the garden as well, first check you mover if its blade's are old and un-even change them, then use an aerator to aerate the lawn, if you own one great if not rent one from a [url=]tool rental[/url] and aerate you lawn, leave the plugs that come out on the lawn as they will help produce nitrogen and that's good for the grass. The using your mover mow the lawn again and then make sure you water the lawn on dawn and dusk it should be OK then.

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