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New Flower Bed

I'm prepairing my new flower bed but that area has st augustine grass. Can anyone advise what to do with the grass, I mean kill or something. If kill it then what would be best thing to do which doesnt effect the soil quality. and also advise how sould I prepair the bed, I mean soil and fertilizer.

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I turned a couple pieces of my lawn into flower beds very simply with no digging:

Water thoroughly

Lay down several layers of cardboard or a bunch of layers of newspaper, water thoroughly again until the paper is wet through

Put down several inches of a good soil/compost mixture (at least 3" if you are putting in plants, at least 4-5 inches if you are planting seeds) and water again.

Plant into it, digging holes through the paper if you are transplanting plants into it.

By next year the paper will have disappeared as well as all the grass and you will have beautiful deep soil.

It helps to put edging around it so the surrounding lawn doesn't grow back into it.

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Could this also work?

Could this also work for reviving a grass infested vegetable garden? I've seen other ideas like this with the card board. It seems to be the way to go. Am I understanding correctly that it will take a while?

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