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Dead Spots

We have a nice lawn that we re-seeded two (2) years ago. It looks great except for some dead spots that are popping up all over the place. They started last fall and didn't know what to do then. Is is an indication of some type of insect infestation? They are about 12-18" in irregular shapes, and the grass turns light brown quickly. No pets are allowed on our lawn, so it's not a pet issue. Any thoughts??

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There are a number of lawn pests that cause damage such as you describe. Usually they are grubs of one sort or another, such as those of June bugs, crane flies, etc. Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) is usually a good way to control them. Sometimes, though, you have to know the specific grub you're treating for, as certain strains of Bt are more effective for certain grubs.

You can use a knife ... I have a short-bladed pruning saw I use for the purpose ... to cut through the sod along 3 sides of a square. Make each side about 12". Then, just grab the grass and pull back the section of sod to examine the soil underneath. You can count any grubs you see there, and perhaps collect a sample. Make your sampling area just outside one or more of the dead areas, because the grubs eat the roots. They won't be in the actual dead areas, because they will have eaten all the roots there.

Show the grubs you collect to the specialists at your nearest Extension Service office. They will very likely be able to ID them for you, because they'll be familiar with the lawn pests in your exact location. They'll also be able to advise you on the best way to control the problem, offering suggestions for organic control or safe chemical control, depending on your preference.

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Without seeing a picture it is hard to diagnose. It may be grubs or it may be ants. Take a close look, do you see any ant hills or holes in the brown spots? What you can do is apply an insecticide on your lawn that controls several types of lawn insects.

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