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Fertilizer safety question

I've always refused to use any chemicals on my lawn because my dog likes to graze. Just last evening, my neighbor kindly informed me that he had fertilized his lawn, and that when he did the fence line, a good chunk of my land got covered as well by the spreader. I'm really annoyed, to say the least. He claims that it'll be perfectly safe as soon as it rains and the pellets dissolve; is this true? I was always under the impression that the fertilizer was absorbed by the soil and then sucked up by the growing grass, which would mean that any grass that's in that area would be poisonous to eat.

Can anyone clarify which of us is correct? I'm not sure what I can do about it if I'm right, short of having to go out with the dog every single time he goes out to make sure that he doesn't attempt to graze. And how long would it be before the fertilized grass "grows out"?


Emmy (and Basil, who will be missing his daily trips to the salad bar...)

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Since your neighbor was nice enough to actually let you know what happened, let him know of your concern for Basil and that you'd like to read the bag of the fertilizer to set your mind at rest about Doggie. Make note of the company, the kind of fertilizer, and the strength so that you can look it up later, too, if you have more questions, but def. read the label for safety and precautions for children/pets.

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