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What kind of grass to overseed with

hello guys,

i need to overseed my lawn as it bare in some areas more than others, but don't know if this is Fescue or Bermuda. I live in central California if that helps. Also, what would happen if its Bermuda and I overseed with fescue?, or vice versa Thanks


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That's Bermuda grass, I had the same problem with brown spots and dead areas and tried several things over a couple years and found that.by using a mulching mower and watering over night helped a lot

I live in Dinuba California also and it can get very hot here I was watering in morning or during the day and it was like a million little magnifying glasses that was just frying the grass by moving my watering to late evening about 4 till 11 at night ( I have a lot of grass ) it changed within a couple days it started to turn dark green and flourish

And recently we just got a new lawnmower I went the green electric rout and just turned out it was a mulching mower by mistake and now after a few months of use with it the grass is thick and filling in again so the combination of the two things have made all the difference in the world
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Both good stories MM. I like how you think...

Scott Reil

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