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New to lawn care. Several issues need help with.

Hello all.

I'm renting a house with a lawn that has potential, and I'd like to make it look nice but don't know the best way to go about it.

Issues that I'm having:
*Mid April there were some Dandelions in the section that's between the road and the sidewalk. Landlord applied Weed&Feed to the whole lawn, but don't think that did anything since there's now more than before. And now they are in bloom (yellow flowers turning into white fluffy balls)
- Do I apply more weed and feed? If so, can I keep mowing the lawn,
or do I wait until all the weeds have been killed off?

*The lawn has bear and thin spots. I have applied seedlings (stuff that looks like small green flakes) in some parts, and in other parts actual seeds directly into the ground and nothing else. Nothing is really happening in all the areas where I'm re-seeding.
- Can someone provide exact direction of how to re-seed a lawn? The
instructions on the back of the bag and the people from Home-Depot
clearly aren't helpful.

Additional questions:
* Can I re-seed where Weed&Feed was applied couple of weeks ago?
* Do I mow the lawn before applying Weed&Feed and re-seeding it? Can
I do it after?

Clearly, I really don't know what I'm doing, and I would love a step by step process of how to fix my lawn problems, or at least a site where I can find directions that tell me exactly what to do.

Thank you all in advance.

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[url=]This[/url] is a post by one of our most experienced members regarding the use of corn gluten meal for weed deterrence in a lawn this spring.

There's also a [url=]Sticky[/url] in the Lawn Care Forum with useful information on the care and nurturing of lawns organically, so that all parts of the lawn's ecosystem (not just the grass--the subsurface is quite important) are healthy.

I can only show you where to find information on this question; I have no personal experience with maintaining a lawn. My first house here in California was on a 25'x50' lot; the current one is on a 50'x100' lot, but no lawn.

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