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How do I recover / fix this?

I am not sure what did this to my lawn, but any help / suggestions would be appreciated. I live in Southwestern Ontario. I am not concerned about the 'barish' spots on the lawn as it will come in very thick in a couple weeks (we walked around on it a lot this winter, so I Have seen this a few times already). What I cannot seem to 'fix' is the light green patch that is almost dead center of the lawn... only weeds will grow there now. I have fertilized, weed n feed, etc. but nothing seems to do anything with this weed. I don't know if it is grubs or bad soil or what that has done this, but 3 years ago I completely tilled up the lawn, re-seeded and then this patch showed up afterwards..

Here are a few pics:

Can anyone identify the weeds / problem and offer suggestions? Planning on moving in a year or so and would like to cure this problem this year.

Thank you![/url]

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you might want to check the pH of the lawn soil? a dolomitic lime treatment might help bring back those spots on your lawn.

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