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How do i know if my soil is fertile enough to grow anything?

i am completely NEW to gardening but i fell in love after watching the documentary:"Dirt". i live in Jacksonville Florida, where most of the soil is sand. is there a particular type of soil for certain crops/plants? :D

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Welcome, Sarah! :)

Do you know you put your question in the Lawn Care forum? If you want to know if your soil is right for a lawn, then this is the place to find an answer.

Since you mentioned crops, though, I wondered if you're asking about veggies and/or flowers, I can move your question for you. Just let me know what kind of plants you want to grow. :)
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The general answer though is that real sand is likely to be too fast draining and nutrient poor for most things you would like to grow. Not impossible, but your plants will benefit a lot if you start by mixing in a lot of compost, peat moss, well aged composted manure or whatever other organic materials you have around.
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