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What is wrong with my lawn

Hello, I came home today and an area on my lawn had sections of grass strewed across the area, with roots pulled out. It looks like maybe we have insects or worms and some animal came along and pulled our grass up to get to what ever was in the soil. I noticed that the soil had small "balls" of dirt clumped together. It's strange, I've never seen anything like this before. Any ideas? Thank you, Lucille

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A picture might be helpful. I only have a tiny bit of lawn left. I got rid of the vast majority of it and replaced it with flowers and shrubs. At any rate, I don't know a lot about lawn care.

I do know a bit about animal behavior, however. Often, dogs with a dominant temperament will stand and scratch the ground by kicking backward with their rear feet after marking territory. Most often, it's males that do this, but I have owned dominant female dogs that have done it. In fact, the little 50-pound female dog I own now, who rules my big male lab with an iron paw, can rip up the ground rather dramatically after she urinates or defecates. The backward kicking tears the grass up by the roots, and if the soil is loose at all, it will be flung about, too. Are dogs able to gain access to your yard?

Animals that dig or root in the soil for insects are mostly nocturnal. In my experience as a wildlife rehabilitator, raccoons, skunks and opossums are the most common culprits. While they sometimes forage during the daylight hours, those animals are most often pregnant females. It's somewhat late in the year ... even in your area, I think ... for these species to be pregnant. Usually, the last litter of the year has been born by August.

If you can post some pictures, our members who are experienced in lawn care might be able to offer better suggestions. :)

If you need information about posting pictures on forums, you can find the instructions [url=]here[/url].

And a very warm welcome to the forum! It's nice to have you with us! :)

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