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grass seeding issue

Hi Everyone
I'm hoping you can give me some advice… ok I'm a newbie when it comes to seeding for new grass… here is what I have, I've got a few bags of Scoots top soil and I've got sun and shade mix…

Here is what I did before

I would lift ( get rid) of all the dead grass and soil, then put grass seed into the spot, then I would put top soil on top of the seed - I would water 2, 3times a day… this worked… but when I tried to do it again it didn’t… now people are telling me to not bury the seed under the new top soil…

If someone could give me some real simple instructions that would be really great… I'm planning on digging out all the dead spots and re seeding them…. Here are some pics…

Thanks again for any and all help

I'm not sure on how to insert a pic

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Aaron, here's my best advice on reseeding...

Wait until fall.

Weeds are down for the season, grass is getting strong again, and baby grass stands a fighting chance.

The same can not be said of right now...


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