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Fungus problem in lawn...

How do I eradicate mushrooms in my lawn? I have been getting an escalating problem over the last two years. This year we are getting more, and they are getting bigger. I used Spectracide last week, and we got a whole bunch more several days later. So, it didn't work.

How did they develop, and how can I ever get rid of them. I have two dogs, and need to get rid of this problem in case they are toxic.

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Is Spectracide non-toxic for dogs?

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Try neem oil instead. It should be perfectly safe to have around your dogs, they actually make a flea and tick med made out of neem.

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The chances that the mushrooms are toxic is low; the chances that the fungicides are toxic is high. I am reminded of the John Cage quote...

"I don't know why people are threatened by new ideas; it's the old ones that scare me..."

Just lime them with a handful of lime and they will melt away... Binky's idea might well work mechanically;, there is also a fungicide from natural enzymes called Serenade that would be safe but it is not available everywhere...


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