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dog problem

Hi I have just adopted a 12yr old dog and now I have problems with my grass aquiring dead patches due to her toilet habbits, is there anythingI could put on the patches to restore them back thanks

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Not really. You could immediately water the spot with a garden hose, first removing any solid matter she deposited.

The simplest thing to do would be for you to choose an area, perhaps a corner of your yard that is somewhat hidden from view, and then train her to use that area as her "place." The training would involve some commitment on your part, because you would have to take her out on a leash, lead her to the spot, wait for her to do her business, and then praise and reward her.

I train my dogs to potty on command. I had to train my show dogs that way, because when we were traveling, I couldn't wander around rest areas for hours, waiting for them to find just the right scent that would inspire them to squat or lift a leg. I kept them on lead and taught them the command "Find a place." I no longer show dogs, but when I'm in a hurry -- late for an appointment or something -- it's useful to be able to let the dogs out, tell them to "find a place," let them back in, and be on my way. :)
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