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Growing grass in a garden box

I just rented a 2nd home in LA. The lot is completely paved & my doggies like to sit on grass. I'd like to make BIG garden boxes on top of the cement & plant grass. How deep do I need them to be and any suggestion on grass type? Is this even possible?

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Sure it's possible. I grow lots of stuff in raised bed boxes sitting on my concrete patio. I grow tomatoes and veggies in them so mine are deep. If you just want to grow grass, which is very shallow rooted, they don't need to be deep - 6" should be plenty, could probably get by with a little less if you really needed to.

As to what kind of grass to grow, I'm the wrong person to answer that. I'm not really a lawn care expert; tend to rip out lawn to put in flower and veggie beds. And I'm out here in Ohio, which is the other end of the climate world from LA. Maybe one of our real lawn care people will come along...

P.S. But I grew up in So.Cal. and we used to have a dichondra lawn. It never gets very tall and doesn't need to be mowed. I was just a kid then, a loooonnng time ago, so I'm not any expert on it, but something for you to look into.

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