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Lawn Maintenance Schedule for South Florida

I'm looking for a lawn maintenance schedule for South Florida + some advice!

The condition of my lawn is poor, mostly weeds + clumps which I'm guessing is crabgrass. Do I first deal with the weed problem & then seed & feed? I don't know what type of grass I have. I cut every 2 weeks on a high setting.

I'm new to this so I appreciate any help & guidance in helping me achieve my goal of a lush green lawn

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You might want to spread some manure or compost after you spray to bulk up the soil. I myself dig up wild onions and crabgrass first then I use weed killer. I'd wait until spring rains before reseeding and then throw some bone meal on the areas that you seeded to promote root growth. Next fall spread fertilizer. Read the labels on the grass seed so you know what you are seeding with since FL has different type of seed. Do some research, state college department, don't ask anyone in a big box because they could know less then you.

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