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Mowing too much?

I have a neighbor across the street who mows at least twice a week to keep his yard looking as best as possible.Can you cut too much? Maybe all the cutting will stress the lawn?My other half says you should'nt cut that much.Anybody have any opinions :?:

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I have a good friend with Bermuda and he mows 3 X a week during the summer but his lawn looks like a putting green. All the neighbors drool with envy. I think it depends on the type of grass...?

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I used to mow twice a week, but I kept the blade of my mower set pretty high. The lawn was lovely ... deep and rich looking. :)

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Yeah people do that that want lawns like golf courses, but then of course they are only taking like the top 1/4 inch or so off... that's why it doesn't hurt the grass.

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How about a new lawn? I have Bermuda grass but it's not real thick yet. Should I let it grow taller so it has more time to spread out or keep it low may x2 on the mowing a week?

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