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I have a nice little hand-held torch that I used to use to "burn off" my big outdoor wildlife habitat cages before putting new animals in them. It's the only way you can destroy certain parasite eggs. My cages were wood with metal wire, so I had to be careful. It can be done, though ... just take care. I'll have to give it a try on some of my weeds this year. :D

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Awww... :oops: You made my day, CharlieMV! :wink:

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grass in the bricks

Couldn't you learn to like it? :) Some landscape designers deliberately plant creeping thyme or other ground covery things like that into the cracks in pavers. The contrast between the brick color and the green is very nice. I liked the look of your picture. Just go over it with a weed whacker every once in awhile so that it doesn't get tall... Saves a lot of work!

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