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low grass

my grass is a mix of perennial rye grass, fine fescue and Kentucky blue grass but I want to cut it short. these require 1.5 min, so what can I do to allow a shorter cut? I'm using a mclane reel mower.

thanks much. :D

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I can't say I know of any true dwarf varieties among those species, which is the reason you seldom find those on golf courses. I would go so far as to say none of them should be maintained as low as 1.5 inches, but more like 2.5 or higher. But it mostly depends on the varieties. Do you have any idea what the varieties are? Knowing how old the lawn is will really help me determine if you can entertain the idea or if you should just forget it. Why do you want to mow the grass so low?

The only cool season grasses I can think of that are able to be mowed that low are Bentgrass and Supina. They are very expensive and extremely high maintenance, and you have to get rid of the existing lawn to plant either of these.

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