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Slime mold in grass??????

I have a patch of what looks like white fungus in my grass. I had this in my mulch and got rid of it but how do you get it out of your grass?

The grandkids play in the grass (occasionally when it is not raining here which is hardly ever this summer) and I don't know if it is harmful. We are all allergic to mold so I would have to be the clean up person but haven't a clue how to get it up without pulling up the grass. It may be in the dirt as I do have some bare spots. I can't really tell. They say the eyes are the first to go but everything else is going too. I am 70 and not computer literate and have no camera so I can't take a picture but it looks like what I had in the mulch. It never was yellow in color in the mulch and that seems to be the slime mold color so not sure what it is.

Thanks for any help.

Charlie MV
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I had some yellow slime in my mulch and lime worked pretty well disappearing it. I dropped it on the slime and sprinkled it around the general area.

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