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Re: Collecting rain water.

forgot to mention.. I gravity feed out of the totes to irrigate the crops. the sump has to pump about 75 feet horizontaly and 8 feet vertically, so well within it's capability.
if you build a deck/platform it will definatly make watering quicker/easier, but remember, your sump will have to be able to handle the extra vertical lift, and 300 gallons of water is over a ton of weight, so you need to use heavy lumber, or it's gonna come down and it ain't gonna be pretty.
I'll try to post some pics, my camera needs a new memory card. but it's really a simple set up..barrel, hose,and totes. the hardest part was figuring out all the reducers and adapters to go from pipe to garden hose. but the guys at the hardware store were really on the ball and helped out a bunch.

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Re: Collecting rain water.

My mother also collects rainwater in our house! It is a perfect idea to save money also. She has a big water butt, I am not sure how much water it can contain, but it is a great method. If it goes to me, in my flat, I try to reuse water if I can. I have got many plants indoor so it helps me to save up :)

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