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OK, time to plant comfrey in the ground, but where?

I grew officinalis Comfrey from seeds this spring and have 3 plants in a 1 gal pot that are ready to be planted.

What would be the best (I.e. Functional) location keeping in mind that I live on a small property? My one mature apple tree is a dwarf. Should I still plant them beneath in a typical Apple Guild? In that case, the comfrey would be kept in the area between trunk and drip line, correct? Others are being trained as espaliers and I don't think will support underplanting of comfrey.

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I think you answered your own question ... if it is part of the Apple Guild and you have an apple tree, why not do that. Part of why comfrey is so good for the compost pile or as green mulch is that it is one of those deep taproot-ed things that brings up nutrients from deeper down. So it does like a place with plenty of soil. And it does need some direct sun, though not full sun. It will spread and get bigger, but (for me anyway, with so little sun available) it does so slowly. It's not at all aggressive.

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I agree about putting it under the apple, at least one of them, the others can go elsewhere..and then as it gets large, chop and drop it as mulch, they can be cut back several times during the year producing a lot of mulch..

I've never grown it from seeds..but maybe I'll give it a try sometime. I need to dig mine and do root cuttings sometime soon

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plant it where you want it to stay for good. because its going to stay there for a long time.

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