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hydrangeas - color

I grow hydrangeas in barrels on a terrace in NYC - I usually have blue or magenta flowers which dry to a lovely bluish or wine color. This year the blue flowers started early at the end of June. When I returned August 1st the flowers were all dried and an unattractive green color - they were well watered when I was away and heat conditions this year are similar to last year. Why are they this color now. Massive amounts of hydrangeas bloom on Long Island and they were all still blue. Would welcome advice.

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I'm having the same exact problem this year with my container-grown hydrangeas down here in South Texas and was also wondering what was going on. Earlier this year my hydrangeas were gorgeous and now the blooms are as green as the vegetation.

But I think I found my answer this morning when I read a thread where [url=]fhj52 posted[/url]:

"Echinacea prefer slightly acidic soil so it is possible that the color variation is from the alkaline soil. <snip>

No method is permanent but sulfur will last longer.
READ: [url=][/url]"

After reading this post I realized my husband had sprayed our yard several times in ?late fall/early spring? with a sulphur wettable powder mixture for a flea problem we were having. I'm betting that's why I had the beautiful pink and blue blooms I had.

Tomorrow I'm going to spray my plants with some sulphur mixture and see what happens!

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I have white hydrangeas that quickly turn green every year. This is driving us crazy! Does anyone have any tips to keep the bloom white longer? Thanks!

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Here's a thread with some info re. color of hydrangeas in it (sorry I didn't just tell you, but I've been up since 3:15 a.m. with a VERY itchy dog and just don't have the brain cells ATM):

Good luck with getting the color you want!

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