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Hydrangea Dying

My husband gave me a hydrangea that he bought at Kroger for me for Valentine's day last year. We moved in December of this year, so I dug it up and brought it with me.

I had it in a large pot, and when all the leaves fell off, I thought that maybe it had died from the cold. But this spring, it started growing leaves again and I was happy that it had survived.

Then the leaves on the new shoots started shriveling up and dying. Then the leaves on the previous year's growth shriveled up and turned brown. I had it in one of those pots that you water from the bottom so the plant can just suck up the water it needs. I thought that this would prevent overwatering. I thought that maybe I was overwatering it somehow anyway and planted it in the front garden, but it doesn't seem to have been in time for it to recover.

Was I overwatering it? Is there any chance it might come back next year? I really love hydrangeas, so I wanted to have this one at my new home.

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I wish I could help more, but I'm not a hydrangea expert. I understand that they like lots of water so I doubt you were watering it too much, though.

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