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Flower color

When I planted my Hydrangea it was blue, after a while it changed to pink. What should I add to the soil to change it back to blue?

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Yes, the color of hydrangeas can be changed from pink to blue (not so easy to make it go from blue to pink).

I'm in the process of "encouraging" my MIL's hydrangeas to go BACK to blue, like they were last year, when they were planted. Right now, they're a rather sickly blue-ish white. First application of "stuff" was two weeks ago, so I'm still in the waiting period.

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Oh yes! The infamous hydrangea color change. My soil has never been acidic enough to produce the blue blossoms, so mine are always pink. That's what it takes however, acidic soil. It all has to due with the pH level.

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That's what I love about hydrangeas! They'll be whatever color you want them to be. We bought two a few months back that were pink as a little girl's dress, but I wanted them blue so we put lots of garden sulfur in the soil when we planted them. They are now the most beautiful shade of deep purple-blue.
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