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elegant hydrangea and boxwood planting beds

Wanted to share an article I found very interesing. Entirely on using various types of hydrangeas framed in with boxwood borders. I found it in current issue of Garden Ideas magazine (Spring 08). The fine leaves of small sheared boxwood borders make great contrast with big leaves of large mounded hydrangeas which fill centers. Discusses growing habits, colors, etc. of the various cultivars.

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I have that very same magazine (like minds think alike :D ). Isn't that gorgeous? I loved that idea. She has a pretty large space, though. At least it looks like it, but how beautiful! I actually went out and bought 1 white hydrangea after reading that article. I have about 6 or 7 pink ones in my front bed, but I wanted the white to mellow out the color in the back garden.

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