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hydrangeas: dead or dormant?


I bought quite a few hydrangeas (endless summer) last year in zone 6A. None of them have any green on them. How can I tell if they are dead or just dormant?

Thanks :D

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Depending on your temps in your zone... I'm in 6 too and had frost just last week, you may just be starting to see some green. If you have wood on the stalks towards the bottom, I would try to scratch them with my fingernail to see if they show green. If they do, then I would be patient. I had much success in growing them when we lived in zone 7, but have not tried them where we are. I tend to push things here because I get terrible spring fever, but I've realized it's rough on the plants...and my wallet. If I remember correctly, the hydrangeas were one of the slowest things to come on when we lived in 7, and then they would go gangbusters. Don't be fooled by the ones you see in the garden centers with the huge blossoms, those are hothouse grown and almost impossible to get to survive outside. Best of luck to you! :D

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