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Question of Different macrophylla varieties

Can someone tell me the difference in the "typical" colors of blue for the 'Mathilda Gutgis' and 'Nikko blue' and 'Bailmer' variety. From what I've gathered, the 'Mathilda Gutgis' is a baby boy blue with bigger petals while the 'Nikko blue' can be baby blue to a purple (I'm guessing b/c it was on the back of Fine Gardening magizine) with smaller pedals and 'Bailmer' is a pailer blue than the 'Mathilda Gutgis'. I got the 'Bailmer' from LOWES and was wondering if any one has this variety and can show me what shade of blue their's is turning and wanted to know your opinion of the 'Bailmer' variety and on the other varieties I listed.


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I am not an expert, but did a bit of research. The Bailmer is an endless summer variety while it appears that the mathilda gutges is an old-fashioned variety, as I am sure that the Nikko Blue is having owned several of these. As for color, you never know what you are going to get with a hydrangea. I have bought many for color and learned to be surprised at whatever turned up during the season. The color of the petals is influenced by the alkalinity or acidity of the soil.

I have heard all kinds of suggestions for manipulating their color and have tried many and decided that it was much more interesting to see how they would naturally turn out each year. There are lots of interesting websites out there if you're interested in researching the subject further. Best of luck to you! :D

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