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Grocery store hydrangea update

Hubby bought me one of those single flowered throw away hydrangeas from the grocery store a couple years back. I repotted it and it lived through the winter and produced one bloom the next year. Then hubby bought me another one which I nearly killed when I forgot to water it. I kept them in the shed over the winter with the temp barely above freezing. So, this spring the older one produced 10 blooms and the younger one produced 3.

Then we got some heavy rain last night and a branch with 3 blooms has flopped over. I'm debating either cutting the blooms off, thinning by cutting one off, or putting something under the branch to hold it up.

I would post pictures but the memory in my phone is full and I can't take any more until I delete some.

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Many people have this flopping problem with a hydrangea called Annabelle. If it rains, the stems flop because they cannot stand up when the blooms are wet. People add all kinds of things (gladiolus wiring, wire fences, etc) to prop the stems (with blooms) up and to keep them from flopping. Any of the ideas you are thinking of might work and, if they do not work, well then, now you know for sure that fix will not work. Since I like to "preserve" bloomage, I would start by removing one bloom at a time and see how much that helps. But I might also look at the stem to see if there is a spot where it may have bent; if so, it may hold just a tiny amount of weight. Good luck.

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