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Need help identifying hydrangea

Hi All!

A few years ago, I bought my mom a hydrangea that bloomed pink, but the flowers had a white border. I loved this, but she moved from that house. So I can't take a cutting, but I can't seem to find this anywhere either. The place I got it from doesn't sell those anymore and couldn't tell me the right species. I don't have a picture, so this is this is the best I've got. Sorry!

Thank You!

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Re: Need help identifying hydrangea

Here is a list of some macrophyllas with a white border: Harlequin, Cityline Mars, Edgy Hearts, Wedding Ring, Sensation and Stargazer. Find some pictures and see if any of them come close.

PS - In zone 5, you will need to provide winter protection or grow them in pots & bring the pots into the garage during the winter months. In zone 6, I would recommend you do the same in order to reliably get Spring blooms.

PSPS - the inner color in pictures may not match (ie, be a shade of pink) but the plant in the picture still could be the shrub you are thinking of. In alkaline soils, the inner part of the bloom will be pink; in acidic soils it will be blue and in soils with around neutral pH levels, the color may be purplish.

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Re: Need help identifying hydrangea

I would go to the house, knock on the door and introduce myself. Ask if you could take a couple of cuttings so you could have the plant - and the memories - for your garden. I bet they will be thrilled! And you will know it is a clone of the original.

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