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hydrangas not growing

hello every one i was hoping for some advice from fellow gardeners we have i suppose for last 3 4 years bought hydrangeas of varying kinds from established garden centers.
we never buy the forced or early flowering ones
all are potted in decent sizes pots with fresh compost and fed and watered regular in general they all grow brilliantly
that is for the first summer
come the following spring new growth starts to grow all seems well they are fed and watered has required then for some unexplained reason its like they go back to sleep and stop growing its not like they have died off but no matter what we try last years plants refuse to grow
can anyone please offer a explanation or why this happens and a solution
again this year another new one we bought has grown superbly and isn t far off blooming
thank you anyone who can help /advise

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Re: hydrangas not growing

To start with you need to tell us where you are located. There are hardly any garden questions that can be answered without regard to location/ climate. Then a bit more information. So your hydrangeas stay in containers permanently? What size containers? Where are the containers, i.e. sun/shade/ part sun? What kind of soil is in the containers? A bit more about how you feed and water them. What variety (ies) are your hydrangeas? If they stay outside in containers in winter (if you are in a cold winter area, see what I mean about location), how do you over winter them?

And pictures really are worth a thousand words. It would help to post a picture or two of your hydrangeas.

Welcome to the Forum! The better information you give us, the more help we can be.
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