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growing a hydrangea standard from a cutting?

My first post, so here it goes. I'm trying to grow a couple hydrangea trees from cuttings and also from a H.Paniculata Le Vasterival shrub that I recently purchased. I have 8 cuttings of a pani variety that I don't know off hand, that are growing very well right now in 4" pots and are getting their second set of leave started. The Le Vasterival shrub right now is bushed out about a foot high, and also has two long stems on it. One about 41" and other a little less both of which I staked right after I planted it. I'd like to know if anyone knows about when to start cutting the lower growth off and probably one of the stems to start training it into a tree? I read that these P.G's will stop growing in around July, and then stat to develop there blooms. My guess would be to wait till early spring, which would make sense. but the real question would be about cutting the tip off the remaining stem and the lower leaves. If anyone has gone these from scratch to make trees out of them, any into would be helpful. Thanks

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Re: growing a hydrangea standard from a cutting?

I have not done one because it is a long process that takes years, which is why the tree form hydrangeas cost much more than regular ones. But here is some info (specific to Limelight but it should apply to Great Star too): ... 57256.html

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