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Not sure what I've got

My friend sent me this photo today. She doesn't have internet access, so she asked for my help. These were laying on the ground in her hydrangea bed. She also has miniature roses growing in this area. Can someone tell me what these might be? I have a different friend who said maybe they are hydrangea bulbs that spun off this winter (Indiana, very cold) and she should replant, or maybe share. Thoughts?

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They look like garlic bulbs to me but I'm not sure. I would break off a few pieces (bulbs) and plant them in a pot and see what came up. They might be easier to identify by the leaves.

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Hydrangea are shrubs with fibrous root system and would not have bulbs.

The scale like structures suggest to me that they are more like LILY bulbs. Two scenario I can think of is that someone intended to plant them and tossed them on the ground and then forgot, or (less likely because they are intact) some critter dug them up.

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